Tips For Repeating Outfits!

    Getting caught wearing the same outfit repeatedly is something we don’t like having happen to us. Yes, it is okay to wear clothes again, and let’s face it, most of us can’t go buy a new wardrobe constantly to avoid repeating outfits. I know I have my favorite shirts and sweaters and jeans that I grab first thing when the laundry has been done. We all do. There are some ways to change up your looks though, and they can all involve your favorite pieces in your wardrobe!

    1) Spend more money on separate pieces

    Instead of purchasing dresses, opt for skirts, tops, jackets, and pants. It makes it easier to mix and match when you have more options to chose from. It will also make it easier to repeat an outfit more often when you have more choices!

    2) Basics are easier to repeat

    Solid colored pieces are a lot less noticeable as opposed to an in your face print. It is going to be a lot harder to get away with wearing a bold print that people will remember. You can still be fashionable with simple one colored pieces.

    3) Accessories will be your best friend!!

    Use accessories to take away the attention from your clothes. Statement necklaces, colorful bracelets, oversized handbags, bold earrings, and fun heels are all ways to distract the eye from pieces of clothing you may have repeated.

    4) Start layering

    Layering your clothes can help create unique looks. For example, you can layer a crop top over a tee or a sweater over a dress. You can use a belt to cinch a dress to give it a different shape. Try wearing a tunic with shorts instead of leggings. There are endless combinations that can sneakily help you wear your favorite pieces again and again.

    5) Change up your hair and makeup

    If you are planning on repeating an outfit, an easy way to change your look completely is to change up your hair and makeup! You can do a topknot, fishtail braid, or even a high ponytail. If you wore a nude lip previously maybe try to go for a darker lipstick the second time around. Either way, different hair and makeup with make you look like a different person!

    6) Jackets!

    Changing your look completely can be as simple as putting on a jacket. A well-cut blazer will give you a polished look, while an embellished jacket will dress up your look!

    7) Have fun!

    Of course, there are no rules when it comes to repeating an outfit. Experiment with what you have. Create looks that are comfortable, fashionable, and you! There are no rules!


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