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    Fall 2017 Fashion Trends!

    If you haven’t updated your wardrobe for fall now is the time to do it! With fall rapidly approaching it can be hard deciding which pieces to add to your collection. If you are having difficulties, look no further! Here are some of the hottest fall fashion trends for this year!


    If there is one color that is going to be an absolute must this fall it will be burgundy. Rich, deep, and regal, the shade proved ideal for monochromatic looks, and elsewhere paired well with periwinkle or bright red. You may have already noticed this color filling clothing stores and that is because it is the color of fall this year. Be sure to go and pick up a piece with this beautiful color.


    If there is one fashion trend that I am the most excited about this season it is this one! Whether strategically deployed on the hem of a skirt or cascading down the length of a dress, fringe added a sense of playfulness to many pieces of clothing. You can even find fringe on boots, jackets, and purses.


    Plaid is seen in fashion year round, but this fall everyone will be wearing it! During fashion week it was used on Wall Street-worthy pantsuits, preppy pleated skirts, mannish coats, and even an evening gowns. There isn’t a piece of clothing where plaid won’t be used this fall.

    Political Slogans

    This fall a huge statement will be made with this trend. Political statements are going to be seen in fashion more than ever. It is definitely a great way to get a cause you care about seen. Don’t be scared to have your voice heard!

    Shearling Coats

    Another trend that is hot this fall is shearling coats. This will be especially useful when you get into the later fall months and it is chilly outside. Having a fuzzy, warm coat that is super stylish will make you stand out in the crowd.

    Of course there are so many other fashion trends that are going to be big this fall. Some of these are florals, deconstructed outfits, and one shoulder tops.


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