For The Love of Fashion


Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the latest fashion trends when you go shopping in your favorite stores? My guess especially in the city I love and live in, Denver is smaller and more casual than say a New York City, Dallas or Los   Angeles.  And if you do find a trend you absolutely love you may have to work more than one job to pay for it.  Or how about when you ask the sales clerk to assist you with locating trends in their store because you can’t seem to locate them, they let you know with certainty that they don’t have nor plan to carry it in their store, WHAT?! Last but not least, doesn’t it annoy you that by default you end up having to order online and hope that it fits? I personally think it’s important to try on clothes before buying if at all possible to avoid the inevitable, taking/sending it back to the store.  What are we fashionistas to do?

Here is some advice if you are one like me who follows trends that works.

1.) Stick to your favorite stores and shop with them online for trends you could not locate locally in the store.

2.) Accessorize or compliment your current wardrobe with some of your favorite trends you were able to find.

3.) Ask sales associates what trends they do plan to carry in their store for the season.

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