Spring Clean Your Closet by Ren

Organize Your Closet

Your closet should be more than a place to store your clothes and shoes.  Who has time to wait for inspiration in the morning to search for something fashionable to wear. It should be a place where creative, fun and professional outfits are built.  Before you dash to the store thinking you need to buy more outfits for spring you need to consider what you already have.  In order for you to really make your shopping trip worth the effort you need to organize your closet.  Now is the time to invest some energy reorganizing your closet; here are some suggestions to help with the task:

  • Make adequate space for hanging dresses or other items that reach the floor.
  • Save space for shoes.  If you’re like me and have too many to count, buy clear shoe boxes with photos of the shoe in front of the box. You can also find bags for shoes that hang over the closet door.
  • Utilize shelving for folded knits and casual shirts.  Use hooks or hanging space for belts.
  • Create shelf space for bags and hats and boxes to store jewelry.
  • Have some kind of light source.  If you don’t have a light, pick up a light that doesn’t need electricity.
  • Place a full length mirror either on the door, in the bedroom or in the closet.

Tip: Padded hangers are wonderful for clothes but can be very pricey so to save costs use smooth plastic hangers.  Make sure that your hangers are all the same type so your clothes can hang smoothly.

Tip: To save time in your closet, hang all jackets, skirts, blouses together by color. This will also make shopping more productive as you know what you already have and what you need.

To Keep or Not To Keep

Now that you’ve organized your closet, it’s time to make some tough decisions; what to keep and what to pitch.  Chances are if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, you won’t wear it again this year….why hold on to it? When I do my annual spring cleaning, I use my bedroom floor to spread out my clothes and really see what I have to work with.  I make three separate piles: what to keep, what to fix, and what to toss or donate.  This ritual allows for me to make intelligent, sound decisions when updating my wardrobe for the season.  I then ask myself the following questions:

  1. Have I worn this garment in the past year? If I haven’t chances are I probably won’t wear it again this year.
  2. Does this it fit properly?  If no…toss it or donate it.  Take it to a tailor if it’s worth keeping.
  3. Is the fabric comfortable?  If no…toss it.  Comfort is too important in a garment.
  4. Is the garment in good shape?  If it’s beyond repair… toss it.
  5. Do the lines flatter my body type?  If it makes my hips magnified or I feel like a kid wearing my mom’s suit jacket… toss it.
  6. Is this really my style?  If my style changed or I bought on impulse and haven’t had much mileage out of the piece… toss it.
  7. Is this garment color the best color for my skin tone? If it’s a color not usually part of my color scheme more than likely it was an impulse buy…toss it.
  8. Does it fit my current lifestyle?  If my personal style has changed… toss it.
  9. Do I own too many of the same item? Owning more of one item i.e. in a different color is not always a bad thing.  However it does not allow a range or versatility to your style.

Now that the hard work is done, let the real fun begin….start your engines, let’s shop!

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