2014 Spring Trends

It’s that time of year again when I’ve had my fill of winter weather and am ready to wear some lighter weight clothes.  Spring is a funny time of year for the Mile High City because you can wear summer-ready clothes one day and be back in winter gear the next.  Now that you’ve clean out your closet you should have space to add some new trends to your wardrobe.  There are many trends to choose from this season whether you just want to add a few items to your closet or if you’re budget allows you to go all in and try everything.  It’s best to find what works for your body type, personal aesthetic and wallet.  Here are some of the trends for spring 2014 and some ideas on how to wear them.

  1. The trend getting the most hype is pastels.  It’s everywhere this season especially PINK!  There’s pink in every shade, style and price-point.  You can make it delicate with a flowing dress or skirt or make it edgy with spiked accessories.
  2. Continuing with a girlish refrain are flower prints.  They vary from Hawaiian and Tropical to delicate or artful and edgy.  Generally the look requires less accessorizing.
  3. Metallics are still all the rage.  The key is to not wear it all at once.  Pair a metallic skirt with a fitted black blazer for example.
  4. I love dressy shorts.  Spring is the perfect time to wear them with opaque tights.  Wearing nude hosiery or going bare legged just wouldn’t work in a conservative office no matter how dressy the short or even if it was paired with a tailored the jacket.
  5. Crop tops are going to be with us for a while.  If your office is your runway, as WHBM says, make sure you don’t show any skin.  It makes a beautiful silhouette paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt or pants or if it’s just above a long skirt.
  6. Black and white is still one of my favorite combinations.  I’m a minimalist at heart so it fits right into my aesthetic.    It’s simple, uncluttered and so easy to put together in the morning.  You can always add a pop of color if it’s too understated for your taste or better yet just mix textures.
  7. Printed pants and shirtdresses are also very popular.  There’s a pattern for everyone:  stripes, fruits, animals, gingham checks, etc.  You have to be careful doing pattern from head to toe. Make sure there’s a common colors scheme if you’re mixing patterns.  The wilder the print, the more likely you’ll need to pair it with a solid color.
  8. Tea-length or ankle length skirts are making a come-back, which is great for those of us that don’t have the legs for micro-minis.
  9. A little fringe on your outfit becomes its own accessory.  And you look so sensual as you move.
  10. White accessories are a must.  Pick up a white purse or strappy sandals.  It’s crisp and clean.

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