10 Tips for Bag Care by Ren

I absolutely adore bags in all sizes, shapes, styles and colors…I do not discriminate. I love to shop for vintage bags and often make them the statement piece of my outfit. My husband complains that I have way too many bags for one person. But there’s always that perfect bag that goes great with that perfect outfit.

Bags also come in many different price points and some of your bags like mine can be seen as a small investment so you will want to take great care of your investment. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Store your bags in either a dust bag cover or a fiber soft pillowcase.
  2. Handle your bags with clean hands, especially lighter colored bags.
  3. Avoid handling right after applying beauty products and hand creams.
  4. Be mindful of the bag you choose when going out in bad weather.
  5. Be careful where you store your bag in salons. Chemical products can accidently spill or splash onto your bag.
  6. Do not use your bag as a portable writing board. Pointed pens can leave permanent marks on your bag.
  7. Store bags with the chain handles inside of your bag to avoid scratching.
  8. Avoid taking your favorite bags on everyday outings.
  9. If you switch bags often, consider buying bag liners.
  10. Use baby wipes to remove stubborn marks.

When all else has fails and extra TLC is needed, you may want to take it to a leather shop that specializes in handbag restoration.

Bag Advice: You may want to consider taking out bag insurance (check with your insurer to find out how to cover your bag and contents). It’s not uncommon to travel with smart phones, iPads and Kindles. You may even carry jewelry or sentimental items and have never really considered the value and costs associated with the bag and its contents. Weigh the total value and cost to determine if it’s worth your while.

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