MAC Playland by Ren

I was in MAC to check out their latest Spring 2014 Collection called Playland.

The Playland make-up collection is very vibrant and colorful. I literally felt like I was in a candy shop. The vibrant pastel pink and brilliant blues in the line reminded me of cotton candy. There were also bright corals, creamy peach, lilac and yellow just to name a few. I rarely wear bright make-up but the line looked like a lot of fun, so why not give it a go.

I decided to do a makeover to test out the Playland collection. I must say that I really liked the Cyan blue eye shadow and eyeliner and the coral lip color. I rarely trade in my true red lips for anything else but I was completely sold on the coral lip color, especially for spring. Therefore, if you are looking for fun colors for the season check out this line

MAC Makeover 3xMAC Makeover 1x

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