My Vintage Diaries – Purses and Bags

I love anything and everything vintage. The term itself can have many different meanings depending how you define it. Vintage to me is watching a classic movie envying the poise, sophistication and elegance that accompanies the actor through the style of clothes of that era. It seems that watching films in today’s world ,fashion is blurred and does not stand out as much the films as in the hay days of Hollywood.

I absolutely love old movies, you will find me watching classics of my favorite actors and actresses such Yul Brynner, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Dorothy Dandridge and Joan Crawford.

Some might find this silly, often I watch classics on TLC and my favorite thing to do is identify the era of the movie by the style of the clothes. There is always something I can find that I love in the styles when I watch these movies.

I often mix vintage pieces with modern styles. Instead of being a bargain hunter, I’m a vintage hunter. I love shopping for vintage bags and accessorizing them with my modern look. The nice thing about vintage bags is if you’re not necessarily into the designer, but the style of the bag you can most often find a really great deal. Vintage bags is also a perfect accessory to add to your modern look.




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