My Vintage Diaries – Hats

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Apart from their functional use, hats are an accessory that can bring mystery, intrigue and fun to your personal style.

If you have been afraid to wear a hat, don’t! ¬†Experiment before you settle on a hat. The hat should be in proportion to the shape of your face and neck. Try different ways to play around with your hat. You may like your brim pushed more forward or tilted up, have fun with it!

To ensure wearing your hats again and again, buy in colors that suit you and your outfits.

Although I have many hats that can cross different eras such as the beret and pill box hats, my favorite one of all is the fedora.

Fedora hats were created in the late 1800’s, as a fashion accessory to depict the upper-class.

The fedoras popularity raged on and became a prominent fixture in 1940’s cinema; Gangsters and detectives alike could be seen sporting the fedora hat.

Fedora hats continue to grow in popularity today for both men and women. From classic, trendy fur felt fedora hats, to summer straw fedora hats, and Panama Hats, fedoras can dress up just about any outfit. The timeless design of the fedora hat is a must have accessory.

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  • therixxi
    December 31, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    I love wearing hats! But they give me headaches sometimes :/