New Year’s Style Resolutions

REN-1Well we’ve made it to 2015! My New Year’s resolutions are ones that I hope you find yourselves able to benefit from.

1.  The past year I was extremely unmotivated to exercise.  I plan to take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise as well as park further out, no excuses. Bringing a pair of tennis shoes to keep at work allows for me to exercise daily while still pulling off my fabulous look for the day.

2.  Spend time once a quarter to de-clutter my closet:  My resolution is to get rid of anything  I  don’t use or haven’t worn in a year.

3.  Inspire others: I’ve never let the world dictate my style.  As a certified Image Consultant and Stylist I feel comfortable in the skin I’m in.  Of course, there will always be opinions from others about appearance. However the only opinion about how I look and feel about my body that matters is mine.  Finding  pieces that compliment my shape and colors that enhance my appearance always  gives  a polished look. Adding accessories to round out my style gives that extra “wow” factor.  My resolution is to inspire others to love the skin they’re in so they can style their most fabulous selves.

4.  Organize my shoes and boots:  I have an enormous selection of shoes and boots, worthy of a small boutique. I have so many that they have physically taken over my closet! My resolution  is to install shoe shelves in my closet.  This will be a  definite time saver when I’m looking for that perfect pair to wear.

5.  Buy with purpose:  Even as a consultant and stylist, one of my biggest downfalls is impulse shopping.  Although I’ve curved it a bit I have a long ways to go.  When shopping I need to be more mindful to buy what I need to incorporate or replace items in my existing wardrobe.  This will not only save me from taking back or never wearing the pieces (taking up space unnecessarily in my closet), it will also prevent me  from breaking the bank.


It’s that time of year for resolutions.  Along with being more healthy, active and kindhearted, I made some style resolutions for 2015 to inspire me to streamline my closet and shop smarter.

1.  Wardrobe edit: I did not do a go job of editing my closet in 2014.  I need to reduce it down to a good combination of high, low, modern and classic favorites then use a strict one-in, one-out policy to maintain it.  I’m going to start by getting rid of anything I haven’t worn in 2 years and return all online buys I don’t think are amazing.

2.  Be a more discriminate shopper:  I need to minimize impulse buys and determine if I really need a particular item.  My budget is only so big and so is my closet so it’s best for both if I don’t buy something new every time I have an event to attend or see something trendy on sale. I can’t tell you how often I’ve bought something very similar to what I already have in my closet but I never get around to returning it (see #1).

3.  Basics are important: I’m going to replace T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and undergarments that are worn out and faded.

4.  Make a savings plan for big-ticket items: Instead of putting those dreamy shoes or purse on a credit card I’m going to make a savings plan.  I started a dream-item savings account even though I haven’t selected the item yet. Investing in higher quality items will be worth it because I’ll have them for a lifetime versus wearing a cheaper trendy item one or two times.

5.  Learn a new hair style: I can be lazy about styling my hair in the morning so my hair almost always looks the same.  I’m going to learn a style that’s quick and easy so I can change it up once or twice a week.


Photo of Danni by Dave Anderson of Right Eye Artistry

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