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Flipping through fashion magazines you see very slim, equally proportioned models, some of it courtesy Photoshop. However, in reality most of us are proportioned courtesy of family genes.  With that said, we should all learn to embrace our body types and find what works best.

How do you learn to embrace your body shape? There are several tips that I have learned being an Image Consultant/Stylist along the way.

  • Be realistic without being too critical, we are all flawed by nature.
  • Study your body proportions to find a balance. The mirror is the perfect tool to do this.  When you’re looking in the mirror, take note of your neck, shoulder, waist, stomach and legs…be honest to what you see. Every time you get an opportunity to look in the mirror, examine yourself, and make a mental note.  Remember to accentuate positive points; make a list of the positives, we all have these by nature. 
  • Find flattering colors for your skin tone and stick with them.  One of the easiest ways to find colors that work best for you is to hold items up to your face in front of a mirror.  If the color compliments your skin it’s a keeper.  If there are colors you love but don’t compliment you in the most flattering way, use the color as an accent.  Once you start rethinking how color should be used in your wardrobe, you’ll see the rewards and compliments that accompany the new you.
  • Remember to consider basic wardrobe essentials and use your creativity to build upon it….have fun and enjoy the journey to becoming a fashionista.

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