The 30-day Closet Makeover

The 30-day Closet Makeover – Change your wardrobe, change your life.

My townhouse master walk in closet was huge! I had three hanging walls that also included shelving for my sweaters, tees and accessories. However, when I moved to my larger home, my closet space even though it’s still a walk in was half the size.  I took the plunge and purged my closet and felt good about it.  Not facing reality, I continued to shop as if my closet was the same size, avoiding the obvious space issue. It’s absolutely crazy when I go into my closet and say that I have nothing to wear when I’m staring at a closet overflowing with clothes and accessories.  As the seasons changed I continued to add more, and more, and MORE.  I saw my closet literally overnight morph into an episode of Hoarders. I finally had to come to the realization and tough love that I had to think differently about my closet.

Week One: Take the plunge

Clear time in your schedule to really get down to the nitty-gritty of purging what you no longer wear. Dedicate a hefty chunk of the day on a Saturday or Sunday to go through every single item in your wardrobe. Obviously the task is not a joyous one but necessary nonetheless.  For me it’s easier to divide and conquer.  The best way to tackle such a major undertaking is to break it up into weeks especially when you’re working with a lot.

Set aside an hour or two each day and sort by category and piles. For example, the first day, sort your shirts. Make three piles: keep, maybe, and toss. The next day, pants, etc…you get the picture.

I challenged myself to thirty days and I hope you take on this challenge as well.

To sell, donate or pitch – that is the question.

There are seven important questions you need to ask yourself when cleaning out your closet.

  1. Does it still fit?
  2. Will I ever wear this again?
  3. Is it in style or does it represent my personal style?
  4. Is it free from stains, damaged, or worth repairing?
  5. Do I feel confident when I wear this?
  6. Is there sentimental value?
  7. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?

*If you answer a definitive “no” to any of the above, it’s time to say bye bye.

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