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The 30-day Closet Makeover Challenge – Week Two

The 30-day Closet Makeover Challenge – Change your wardrobe, change your life.

Week Two: To Conquer and Divide

It’s amazing just HOW much you really have when you take the plunge.  Okay so now that you conquered and divided your items into piles, it’s time to divide again.  Start with one pile at a time. For the keep pile I separate as “keep with no repairs” and “keep with repairs” by category. For the maybe pile I go through the seven questions discussed in week one and make one more final decision and stick to my guns.   For the items you choose to toss, you will want to separate it by how you intend to get rid of your goods. I have separated this pile by boxes; sell, donate, swap, and trash. I found some rewarding, fun and unique ways to get rid of your unwanted treasures.

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  1. To sell, one way is Poshmark, which has a 20 percent commission fee, flaunts Pinterest-like boards, and hosts virtual “Posh Parties” for users to list, browse, and buy with friends. Another is Threadflip, which also has a 20 percent commission fee and utilizes a comparison shopping-esque feed.
  2. Consider donating unwanted items that are still in mint condition to those who could truly use them. In addition to Goodwill Industries International, Inc. and The Salvation Army, there are many worthy, not-for-profit institutions that can use your goods and appreciate your help.
  • Dress for Success sponsors the financial independence of disadvantaged women, providing not only support and career development tools but also professional attire. They ask for new or nearly-new and cleaned interview-appropriate attire. Find your closest Dress for Success location here.
  • Pick Up Please is a national nonprofit organization that concentrates its efforts on American veterans and their families. It asks for all clothing styles, regardless of current trends, and will even conveniently pick up donations from your home.
  • Still have your dresses from prom or evening wear that could be appropriate for a high school dance? Can we say dated… Check out the Cinderella Project and its sister organizations around the country. They collect surplus gowns and accessories and allocate them to disadvantaged girls.
  • Local homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, community outreach centers and thrift stores are also constantly in need. Women’s Shelters is a nationwide directory that offers listings of various female-oriented services.
  1. Swap Parties are fun way to hang with your girls and swap pieces of unwanted items with friends and family.
  2. Trash, need I say more. The item is so beyond repair, it’s time to say bon voyage!


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