How to Find the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body Type

The perfect swimsuits guaranteed to make a big splash

Athletic Figure

An athletic, sporty body shape have several options to choose the best swimwear.

– Women with small bust tend to have a sporty figure and wider shoulders. That’s why it is important to camouflage their proportion.

– Different, smaller or larger prints will be of great help when emphasizing your small bust. Choose bikini tops that create the illusion of a larger bust. The more complex a pattern is around your bust the more accentuated they seem. Triangle-top bikinis are a must for your well toned body.

– An athletic figure lacks curves, why not create them artificially. Feminine bikinis with little ties, bows, belts or other small details can give the appearance of having refined curves.

– You can easily emphasize curves by wearing a bottom that is bright colored, your toned hips will look sporty still wonderful in them.

– Suits with less coverage are great at creating the illusion of a shapelier figure.


Pear Shape

Women with pear body shape tend to have larger bums and wide hips. It is a fact that there’s no need to fake curves, your shape gives you enough definition in the hip area. That’s why you the perfect swimsuits draws attention to the upper half.

– Tops that immediately grab the attention of others work perfectly for your shape. Choose patterned and vivid colored ones on top and dark colored more simple ones for the bottom.

– Halter necks and plunging necklines catch the eyes, shifting the attention from your buns to your bust.

– High cut shorts are a great way to elongate your legs.

– Avoid boy short or thick-banded bottom. The extra fabric will only call more attention to the area you’re trying to mask.

Apple Shape

The apple shape often implies problems with the tummy and large breasts. That’s why it is important to take into consideration these factors.

– Halter-top swimsuit matches your body shape perfectly. These will support your larger bust more effectively.

-When choosing vivid colors, avoid strapless bikinis and triangle-tops that would reveal too much skin.

-Gathered fabric hides bulges and creates definition in the waist.

– Accentuate your cleavage with a V-cut.

– Spandex and Lycra are great for apple shaped women. These will make you look slimmer especially paired with a little belt.

-If you carry your weight in the lower part of your belly, try on a retro-inspired, high-waisted suit.

Voluptuous Curves

Curvy women are curvy throughout with a full bust, hips, thighs, and butt.

Р Highlight your curves while providing enough support and coverage.

– To not exaggerate your natural curves, steer clear of monokinis or string bikinis with thicker ties as they can accentuate your widest areas.

– Asymmetrical suits draw the eye toward the neckline, highlighting the beautiful line from a woman’s neck to her collarbone.

– Retro suits are a great way to highlight your shape.

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