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As a consumer, we like to find new products that are good for us. Over the last few years, it has become more important to many people that the products they use are more natural. Purchasing from companies that do not harm animals is also a plus for many people.  Lush cosmetics offers these things and more. This company does a great job appealing to everyone by offering a variety of products, as well as make a difference in the world.

Lush operates and manufactures its products and business off six main values:

  • Naked – Shampoo bars, conditioners, Henna hair colors, and massage bars do not have packaging which saves millions of plastic bottles from being produced and disposed. When packaging is used, it is made out of recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials.
  • 100% Vegetarian – All of the products are 100% vegetarian and more than 80% of those products are made with vegan ingredients. Any non-vegan ingredients used are sourced from cruelty free suppliers.
  • Freshest Cosmetics – Products are made with the freshest ingredients possible. Fresh fruit, flowers, herbs, and vegetables are used as soon as they possibly can in order to get the freshest product. Fresh batches of product are also made constantly. This allows consumers to receive and use the freshest products possible.
  • Fight Animal Testing – This company does not test on animals.  They also don’t purchase ingredients from companies who use this practice.
  • Handmade – Each product you see on the shelves in the store has been handcrafted to perfection.
  • Ethical Buying – The right ingredients are important to this company. When looking for ingredients it is important to find suppliers that maintain sustainable practices and have fair conditions for the workers.

Lush offers so many more products than these so you will have to go and check it out. Another plus for this company is that when you go into the store the employees are friendly, energetic. They are also willing to show you how any product you are interested in works.

When I first went into the store, I was drawn to the bath bombs. They have so many colors and designs to choose from. Right now, they have seasonal bath bombs so there are great for the upcoming holidays. I haven’t used a bath bomb yet, but I am very excited to try the ones that I have purchased. I also bought one of the shampoo bars, and I love it! It is easy to use and the amount of lather you get from it is great. I am looking forward to seeing how long it actually does last.

There are only three locations in Colorado (in the Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree, on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, and in the Cherry Creek mall in Denver) but it is worth the trip to one of these locations to find a new product that you just might need in your life!

Check out the WEBSITE to explore Lush more!!

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