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Denver Style Defined

What is Denver Style?

Inquiring minds want to know, how is our style truly defined? One might say that it comes with a mix of sports regalia, comfort casual to those with their own unique sense of style.  So where do true fashionistas fit in a salad bowl of undefinable style? I suppose that makes us Denver area fashion enthusiasts unique to other larger, more trendier cities.

Fashion events are now a staple in the local scene, advertising Pop Up shops to showcase some of the up and coming local designers and boutiques.  Fashion and Hair shows are becoming ever more popular to attend but sadly unless you know someone in the industry you are not always privy to this information. Denver hosted two fashion events, Denver Fashion Week and Massif Fashion Week.  An advocate for local fashion we owe it to our readers to provide insight to the Denver metro area fashion scene.

Denver Fashion Week closed out the month of fashion strong showcasing local designers, boutiques and national brands. The video of Saturday’s show will give you a glimpse of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2017. Typically hosted by 303 Magazine in April and November, these shows are not to be missed.

Massif Fashion Week, “Fashion for a cause and design for a difference” became the motto for Massif Fashion Week.  Designers included local and nationally recognized Leon Design, Julia Rhoden, Heggy Gonzalez and Mondo Guerra just to name a few.
Check out video highlights and look out for the next Massif Fashion Show April 4-8 2017 at


 Steve Leon Trujillo (Leon Design) Tribute



Julia Rhoden



Heggy Gonzalez











Mondo Guerra












*Photos provided by Pinterest

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