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Star Wars and the Power of Costume

Whether you are a kid of the seventies who remembers seeing the iconic first Star Wars movie in theaters, a kid who is growing up watching the new films, or someone in between, you will definitely enjoy this temporary exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I was fortunate to go about a month ago and I have to say it is a must see! Yes, it is a little pricey if you are taking your whole family, but everyone will enjoy this exhibit.


This exhibit takes you on a journey into the Star Wars universe through over 70 original costumes of some of the most iconic characters in the franchise’s history. From Queen Amidala’s beautifully embellished gowns from Episode 1 to Princess Leia’s bikini from Episode 6, these costumes will put you in awe and will bring you back to the movies themselves. You will also see Han Solo, Storm troopers, Luke, Anakin, heroes, villains, and everyone in between.

The audio tour explains the creative process, from start to finish, on how these costumes were created. The drawing process, where the creators got their inspiration, picking out material, and putting it all together to create the works of art seen in the films is an interesting process. If you love design and fashion, it’s great for you. If you’re just going to go because it’s Star Wars, I guarantee you’ll learn something new about design.

One thing I really liked about the audio tour was that there is a kid friendly version of the tour. You can walk through the exhibit listening to the adult version that explains things more in depth. Kids get their own version to listen to that will keep them entertained. This exhibit really does have something for every person who walks through the doors.


The one drawback of this exhibit is the price. It’s $28 for adults who are not members of the museum and $5 for kids ages 6-18. If you are a member of the museum you will be paying $21. These prices include admission to the rest of the museum, so you can definitely make it a daylong adventure. Admission into the exhibit is timed by fifteen minute intervals. Purchasing tickets online would be the way to go so you can get the time you want to visit in advance. I personally thing going earlier in the day would be the best way to go. Once inside the exhibit you are free to take your time, and in the middle of the day it seems like it would get busier.

This exhibit truly is something that will be exciting for your whole family. It is only open until April 2, 2017, so take some time to get to the museum and see it. We rarely get something like this in Denver so take advantage of it while you can!

**For more information on the exhibit, visit the Star Wars exhibit page on the museum’s website HERE**

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