Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week starts this weekend! This year there are tons of restaurants around Denver that are worth checking out. Denver Restaurant Week is when hundreds of Denver’s top restaurants offer multi course dinners for more affordable prices. It is a way to get people in the door and to experience restaurants they may have skipped if it wasn’t part of this special dining experience.

This is the thirteenth year Denver has been doing restaurant week. In the past, the price of a meal for two has been $52.80, but this year some new price points were added. Meals will now be offered for $25, $35, and $45. These more affordable prices will be so much more beneficial to all of us here in Denver. Either you’re like me and don’t have a lot of money to spend on going out a lot, or you are someone who wants to try out multiple restaurants. You’ll get to experience restaurant week either way, which is so exciting!

There are hundreds of restaurants that are participating in restaurant week this year. The website has information on all of the restaurants that have registered. Plus, a lot of the menus are on the website as well so you can search and pick the perfect restaurant for you! Options for dining include American, Asian, Pubs, German, Indian, Middle Eastern, and just about any other type of ethnic food you can think of! There really is something for everyone at these restaurants.

Just by looking at the list of restaurants and their menus, I have found many places I’d like to try out. I have been to a few of the restaurants listed and I can say that they are worth going to. The Briarwood Inn in Golden is on the list. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple and elegant and the food is great. It is one of the nicer restaurants on the list so the price will be a little higher. Another restaurant participating that I’m sure many of you have been to is the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. The Rio is famous for their margaritas and have amazing Mexican food. I would highly suggest this restaurant if you are in the mood for some good Mexican food.

Restaurant week is definitely something that everyone in Denver should take part in. Maybe you’ll stumble upon your new favorite restaurant. At the very least you will have an amazing, full dining experience at a much lower cost. So, make sure you check out the website and ask your family and friends to come along with you! I’m sure you’ll have so much fun!

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