Fashion Weeks In Denver!

The month of April is going to be a busy and fun time for fashion lovers here in Denver. We are fortunate enough to have two fashion weeks coming up and we couldn’t be more excited!

Denver Fashion weekend is coming up first! March 30th is the first day of the event and continues through the weekend. There are going to be three nights of fashion shows, so if you want to be at one of the shows now is the time to get your tickets! March 30th and April 1st are the first two fashion shows, and local designers, boutiques and national brands are featured. These first two nights are a little more traditional with their runway, but each brand brings their own element of art and surprise! These shows are an absolute must if you are someone who loves fashion! The show on April 2nd is a little bit different from your traditional fashion show. Sunday night’s theme is hair! The Hair Show is filled with creative and over the top hairstyles that will surely keep you entertained. In the past the hair show has seen hair made of barbies, masterpieces over three feet tall and even models doing ballet. This whole fashion weekend really is something that should be taken advantage of. Posh 5280 will be at the show on April 1st, so stay tuned for pictures and videos from the event!

**For information on the shows and tickets visit the website:

The week following Denver Fashion Weekend is this year’s Massif Fashion Week! It starts April 4th and runs through the 9th. This event is Denver’s most exclusive, buyer-based runway showcase focused on high-end fashion design, quality construction, and ready-to-wear. Based in a fashion photography and film studio, Massif Fashion Week produces a collection of runway shows that are filmed and photographed in high-quality formats to be viewed by a broader audience. The website has a lot of information including the schedule, about the designers, and videos of past shows.

**The website for Massif Fashion Week:

Whether you have decided to go to one fashion week, both, or none at all, I hope you all enjoy these exciting fashion events. I know I am already so excited to see what is to come! I hope all of you fashion lovers are too!

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