A night of Native Culture and Fashion

The 4th Annual Native Fashion in the City held at Cluster Studios in the Ri-No Art District last Friday was definitely a must see show. The vibrant colors and mix of heritage and modern wear, the styles nicely complimented the rich culture and traditions that still thrive.

Take a glimpse of  great talent across Indian Country showcasing Native designers, stylists, and models of all ages and sizes.


Native American Phoenix based designer Loren Aragon of ACONOV  brought together looks, showcasing shift dresses with elements of tradition flawlessly connecting art with fashion. ACONOV designs evoked balanced mix  of simplicity, and empowerment.


Jared Yazzie of OxDx

OxDx is a Native owned clothing line based out of Chandler, AZ, that showed off hip, urban street wear. Models wearing tanks with images of Native American struggles hit the runway along with patterned leggings,  jeans and skirts.

Marisa Mike (Marisa Mike)

Marisa Mike (Navajo) presented ultra stylish looks incorporating culture into beautiful formal wear representative of her native homeland.  Marisa is a self-taught designer and saw a niche of a unserved market.

Disa Tootoosis

Disa Tootoosis (Cree Nation) presented models of all ages and sizes which I absolutely loved. Vibrant colors and elements of her culture fused nicely in her pieces that appropriate for everyday wear. As a proud mother, grandmother, designer, and pow-wow dancer, Disa Tootoosis  finds inspiration in the traditions of the pow-wow culture. Having come from the Denver Pow Wow earlier today, you can definitely identify patterns and colors wonderfully shown in many of the tops that graced the runway.

Della BigHair-Stump (Designs by Della)

Ready-to-wear by designer, Della BigHair-Stump of Designs by Della that incorporated Native and Crow heritage were some of my favorite of the evening. Bold and vibrate colors, intricate and textured designs graced the runway paired with absolutely gorgeous accessories.

Dakota Sage (Native Gorilla)
Designer Lakota Sage (Lakota) of Native Gorilla showcased his lifestyle brand that represents every day wear. Models showed street wear composed of tees, tanks, legging and shorts. The Native Gorilla brand is motivated from undiscovered and unexplored talents of musicians, artists, dreamer and athletes…truly inspirational!
AL Couture

April Ledford (Lumbee) of A.L. Couture, another favorite of the evening, showed off one of a kind pieces. Bold colored, beautiful, feathered masks and high collared accessories showcased gave dramatic flair to her fabric layered gowns. Her brand embodies Couture and each design are all handmade original pieces that wonderfully represents her culture. You may also shop some of her pieces on her website at

 Norma Baker-Flying Horse (Red Berry Woman)

Norma Baker-Flying Horse (Hidatsa/Dakota Sioux/Assiniboine tribes) closed the night with gorgeous semi-formal and formal wear collections with Native designs in each piece. Metallic silver and gold graced the runway along with eye catching accessories and bold colors. This was truly a fantastic way to finish an evening highlighting the richness and beauty of Native American culture.





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