Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

Last year the makeup trends for this spring came out on the runways during fashion week. It is time to talk about these trends so you can upgrade your makeup collection with this spring’s makeup must haves!


This spring blush isn’t meant to just give you a small amount of color on your cheeks. It is meant to be seen. Brighter and bolder colors are being used and it really is an attention grabber. The trend now is to apply it with a heavy hand to give you that really bold pop of color, or to blend it into a larger area like up to your temple to create a more dramatic look!


Highlighting is another make up trend that has become more and more popular. The purpose of a highlight is to give your face that pop of glow. Who wouldn’t like that? Right now though, the shinier your highlight is, the better! The trend now is to apply your highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes, along your brow bone, cheeks, down the center of your nose, and over your cupid’s bow. This gives you an all over glowy look.


This trend seems to come and go frequently. Bold lip colors are in again right now though. Red, orange, peach, fuchsia, and purple-gray are all colors that showed up during fashion week. Having a bold, out there lip makes a statement. Another trend when it comes to lips right now: matte lipstick. You’ve all probably noticed both of these trends already. So many makeup brands are creating their new lines around these two factors.


Like mentioned before, bold colors are in this season. Whether it is on your lips, cheeks, or eyes, it is in. The bold colors give you a more dramatic look. They can be fun to play around with a little. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone a little!


This spring, eyeliner should be smudgy and imperfect. The creation of a bit of a messy look can look very good if it isn’t over done. Gray, black, navy, and brown were used during fashion week. You can either use eyeliner and smudge it out. Eye shadow can also be used to create the smudgy look!


It seems that glitter has always been in when it comes to makeup. This season, it is being used in a little more of an artistic way. Glitter can be used to top your lipstick, to create a fun eye shadow look, or even be used to make graphic tattoo shapes on the face. Glitter is a simple addition to make your look a little more flashy.


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