Scrub A Dub Dub With Those Body Scrubs!

Taking care of your skin is so important. We all know that our skin is going to age at some point in our lives. Why not prolong the inevitable and do what we can now in order to keep us looking fresh and young longer? Body scrubs are a great and easy way to achieve younger looking skin.

What is a body scrub?

A body scrub is a skin care product. The function is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation. Body scrubs are also meant to cleanse the skin and increase your body’s blood circulation. Regular exfoliation helps prevent clogged pores. When your pores are clean the moisturizer you use is able to get into the deeper layers of your skin. This will give you a younger, fresher look!


There are many benefits to using body scrubs.

Helps the skin look smoother and more youthful

  • Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which diminish the dull appearance of the skin. Humans shed skin cells daily. Using a body scrub regularly will help make your skin appear more vibrant and youthful.

Makes skin look fresh and rejuvenated

  • Essentially the benefits of using a body scrub are the removal of dead skin cells from the body and impurities, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin looking rejuvenated and revitalized.

Has moisturizing benefits

  • Benefits of body scrubs through exfoliation with a mild body scrub extend to moisturizing as it allows for the easy absorption of a skin moisturizer into the healthy skin. Ideally, the best body scrub is one that not only acts as a gentle exfoliant, but also moisturizes at the same time! If you don’t have one that does both, moisturizing after exfoliation works too.

Other Benefits

  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores
  • Smoother elbows and knees
  • Helps prevent ingrown hair and makes hair removal easier

There are many more benefits to using a body scrub, but these are just a few.

Types of Body Scrubs


  • One of the most popular types of body scrubs have sugar as an ingredient. These are called sugar scrubs and may contain regular granulated sugar or brown sugar as the base ingredient. Sugar scrubs are a great option for those that prefer a less abrasive scrub.


  • Salt scrubs are a more vigorous type of scrub. The salt scrub can be made with differing grades of sea salt depending on the level of exfoliant you desire. Sea salt body scrubs are great for healing and bringing toxins to the surface.


  • Another type of body scrub is the herbal category. The possibilities and recipes for the herbal body scrub are many. A few examples are orange peel and lavender flower. Each of these has a unique scent and healing or relaxing quality. Mixing the right herbs together with the right oil will help create a heavenly experience.


  • Using coffee in a body scrub has become quite common. Coffee is a natural stimulant and is great for use on cellulite-prone areas. Many spas use coffee in conjunction with other therapeutic and stimulating materials. When you add vanilla, chocolate, or other oils and scents, you will find it even more enjoyable.


  • A common skin problem is lack of moisture, or dry skin. If you’re one of the millions who have that problem, a moisturizing body scrub can help. There are plenty of options when choosing a body scrub that also acts as a moisturizer. Some ingredients that are useful are oatmeal or ground almonds with yogurt or aloe Vera.

They type of body scrub you use is all personal preference. I’ve only tried a sugar scrub and a coffee scrub. Curiosity got the best of me one day while I was in the store and I just had to purchase the coffee scrub. If you like a rough exfoliant, this one would be great for you. If you want something a lot lighter, a sugar scrub will do the job just fine.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase a scrub if you are interested in trying one out. There are so many recipes floating around that will allow you to make your own scrub at home. Whether you make your own, or if you go out and buy one that looks interesting to you, trying out a scrub can be very beneficial. Your skin will love you for it!

Best Body Scrubs:

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