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The Best Fashion and Beauty Trends for Summer 2017

June has finally hit us and summer is fully under way. It is one of the times where we love updating our closets and makeup collections to match what is in this season! Here are just a few of the many fashion and beauty trends for summer 2017!


Seaside Stripes – Stripes scream giving off that summer vibe. Taking inspiration from beach umbrellas, pool lounge chairs, and Nantucket awnings, the stripe trend fits right in for summer!

Yellow – This trend is one that I have recently become very fond of. The bright shades of all types of yellow offer something for everyone. Having the cheery color in your wardrobe this summer is a must!

Off the shoulder look – This summer designers are all about bringing you that Flashdance style of cut. Summer is a time where we do like to show off our shoulders, so why not just show one?! It is a look anyone can pull off!

Khaki- Khaki is something that we see everyday! This summer it is one of the hottest trends though. With the ability to pair with a variety of colors, it give is an easy option to dress up or down this summer!


Eye popping – A touch of color for liner is one of this summer’s makeup trends. A more smudged out lash line using a pop of color will give you all of the attention you deserve! It is a fun and creative way to change up your makeup looks from time to time!

Bold lip – You can create a simple, barely there makeup look that gives you that pop you want to achieve. A bold lip on a fresh face creates that elegance and will help you stand out in the crowd! Dark reds, bright pinks, and so many more colors can be used to help create the look you want.

One For All – Using  a makeup product for multiple uses is something we don’t think about doing as often as we should! This summer try using your favorite blush on your cheeks and eyes to give you a uniform and easy, but also less time consuming, look!


There are so many more fashion and beauty trends than the ones mentioned here. These are just a few to get your summer look started! Summer 2017 should definitely be a good one where fashion and beauty is concerned!


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