Modern Map Art

We are stepping away from fashion and beauty for a week to talk about a fairly new artwork site that is perfect for your home! Modern Map Art! Maps have always been a classic piece of artwork that many people love to display in their homes. Why not check out this site and add something new to your collection?

Modern Map Art was only started about a year ago, so it is still a pretty unknown site. That doesn’t mean that their product selection is lacking at all. There is so much to choose from, it is kind of difficult figuring out where to start. Modern Map Art offers map posters, art prints, and accessories, as well as custom maps.

The map posters section offers the biggest selection of product on the site with country maps, ski maps and city maps. It can be a bit overwhelming, so searching for the city or country you are looking for is probably the easiest way to go.

There are hundreds of different prints to choose from. These pieces of artwork are a great way to display a destination in the world that has a special meaning to you. Whether it is the city you went to on your honeymoon, your birthplace, or just a city you are obsessed with, there is an option for everyone looking!

The other products offered at Modern Map Art are skyline prints, iPhone cases, and map pillows. As well as the custom artwork that you can create yourself.

I personally LOVE the idea of getting a city map to display. It is a unique way to show off something with a deep meaning to you and your family. Or if you really just like cities and skylines, like me, Modern Map Art would be a great way to incorporate new art in your home!

If you are interested in your own map art, check out the website:


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