The Best Skin Care Tips for Summer 2017

As temperatures get warmer we tend to change our daily outfits. Something we might not take as much time to change is our daily skin care routine. There is definitely a need to do this from season to season. Here are some of the best skin care tips that you can start doing this summer!

Protecting your lips

Not only is it a must to moisturize your lips year round, but it is also very important to protect them from the sun’s rays. In the summer the intensity of the sun dries out the skin. If you don’t already use a lip moisturizer with SPF 15 protection or higher, it might be a good idea to trade your every day moisturizer in for one that does have the added protection. Some lip products with SPF in them can also be used on your face if you happen to forget the sunblock. If I were you, I’d go out ASAP to find a good lip protector for this summer!

The La Prairie Ultra Protection Stick ($65) keeps lips hydrated, and can be used on the rest of your face to shield the sun’s rays.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

UV rays are more intense during the summer months and are very damaging when our exposure to the sun is higher. It is important to pick a sunscreen that gets absorbed into your skin. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended for the best result, and should be applied a while before you go out into the sun. If you’re like me, you forget that last little step, and if you do, you will probably be fine. Putting on sunscreen late is better than not putting on any at all. At the very least, just remember the sunscreen. Protect you and your family!

Summer skin care!

Get rid of the heavy creams

Heavy creams that you use during the winter months can be problematic for your skin. They are designed for drier temperatures and since with summer comes humidity, your skin is more likely to become more oily. Purchasing a skin cream that won’t trap oils and clog pores is what you want to get. To make sure dry skin gets hydrated but is also able to breathe, use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. Also, sticking to the apparent theme from the other two tips, finding something with SPF in it is very beneficial.

Lightweight summer moisturizer!

Eat cooling foods

Diet is related to how we look and feel. During the summer months it is important to eat lighter foods. Heavy foods are more likely to make you sluggish. They are also more likely to make your seem feel oily and cause breakouts. Who wants those? Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep your skin looking fresh during summer. Also, water consumption is so important. Make sure you are drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Trust me, that is very doable.

Wear breathable fabrics

Lighter fabric and clothing during the summer months can be very helpful in keeping your skin looking amazing! Cotton is a great fabric to wear while you’re out in the heat.¬†Tight clothing can cause irritation and make sweaty parts of the body itch more. Prolonged conditions lead to rashes and sometimes even serious skin infections. Nobody wants to go outside with rashes on them. Especially in the summertime where the heat can already make you feel so uncomfortable.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can keep your skin looking perfect this summer! There are so many more that are worth taking a look at.


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