Fall 2017’s Hottest Accessories

Fall fashion and beauty doesn’t stop with clothes and makeup. In fact, your accessories can make or break your outfit. Some of this fall’s accessory trends are definitely worth taking a look at.

Black Ribbons

This fall the trend of adding black ribbons to your look is going to be hot! This accessory is a great one to have in your collection because of the many ways you can accessorize with it! You can add it to your favorite hairstyle to give it a little extra something. Try wrapping it around a ponytail, or affix it into braids. You can even have your black ribbon act as a headband! Something else that can be done is using it as a choker necklace or a wrap around bracelet. There are just so many fun ways to incorporate this into your fall looks, and I know you will love them all!


This fall different types of hats are going to be making an appearance. From leather to fur, there is just going to be such a variety of new styles to add to your collections! No, you don’t need to go out and buy a new hat if you already have plenty in your wardrobe. The good thing about hats is that no matter what, they are always a good add-on to your look. Whether you have a bad hair day or know the perfect hat to top off your look, a hat will never let you down.

Fun Earrings!

Few jewelry trends have as much staying power as the artfully shaped earrings that emerged several seasons ago. We see this trend every single day and this fall it is going to be bigger than it already is. Big dangling earrings are so common so I’m sure you have some in your collection already. If not, and if you like the trend enough, go out and find a pair that suits you and rock them this fall!

Shiny Shoes

The best way to describe this trend is to think of the Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz (which is one of my favorite movies), and imagine them being a crystal more silvery color. That is one of the trends with shoes this fall. This will be a trend among more dressy shoes, but they will still look so good and will also be a fun addition to your shoe collection!

Practical Purses

Last, but certainly not least, we are talking about my personal favorite accessory….purses! We all have that one purse that we love but isn’t very functional. We end up using it anyway because it’s just such a great purse. Investing in a bag that is a decent size with the storage you need, plus being fashionable is very doable. Some of the bags that are going to be a huge fall accessory this fall all have those qualifications. Find one you like and buy it! A woman can never have too many bags!

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