Transitioning from Summer to Fall: Part 2!

Using Summer Fashion in Fall!

If you’re anything like me you dread the upcoming colder weather. If there is one thing I don’t like doing it is putting away my favorite summer clothes and switching them out for heavier, cozier options. In fall though, we are fortunate enough to be able to wear some of our summer favorites through October. So, here are some tips to incorporate some of your favorite summer items into fall fashion!

Extend Sleeve Length

If you have a favorite pair of shorts, jeans, work pants, or a favorite skirt that you wear during the summer you can still wear it in fall. All you have to do is extend the length of your sleeves and you’ll create a whole different look for fall!


We all have summery dresses in our closets that unfortunately have to go back to the closet once cooler weather hits us. You can absolutely wear your favorite dress in the fall though! All a blazer or sweater to your favorite summer dress to create a fall look!


This is the one item in my collection I dread giving up for the fall! Luckily, when it is still warm enough outside, you can wear your favorite shorts in a super fun and trendy way. Invest in a pair of opaque tights to wear under your shorts to give you a whole new look!


Nothing says fall like layering your clothing. Whether its a t-shirt under a tank top or a blazer over a t-shirt, it’s all about layering and finding a comfortable and fashionable look to wear for fall! You can incorporate your favorite summer pieces into your wardrobe all fall long!

Of course there is no right or wrong way to incorporate summer fashion into fall. Be creative with your looks, make them your own, and simply have fun with creating eye catching fall looks!




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