What’s In a Name?

We had a hard time selecting a name that best suited our blog. As fashion enthusiasts, we wanted a name that connected us to the Denver and described our sense of style. Denver is 5,280 feet above sea level, hence mile high city. Denverites generally dress more casual than chic — we do not. The Posh in our name signifies our approach to fashion.

The Denver Fashion Scene is steadily on the rise and we have front row seats. We want to spark conversations among people who want to live fashionably but have the challenge of finding the latest trends in local stores. Our hope through Posh 5280 is to share news on fashion events, hot boutiques and local designers.

POSH 5280 is a blog with a team of writers that features fashion & beauty trends, wardrobe styling, shopping excursions and practical advice concentrating on the Denver Metropolitan area. Its purpose is to entertain, inform and inspire. We hope you join us on our journey exploring Denver.

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