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The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

We all see those workouts to get your bikini body a few months before the summer months hit us. The goal is for women to be confident and comfortable while baring it all. Do we all feel confident and…


Modern Map Art

We are stepping away from fashion and beauty for a week to talk about a fairly new artwork site that is perfect for your home! Modern Map Art! Maps have always been a classic piece of artwork that many…


Scrub A Dub Dub With Those Body Scrubs!

Taking care of your skin is so important. We all know that our skin is going to age at some point in our lives. Why not prolong the inevitable and do what we can now in order to keep…


Denver Botanic Gardens Concert Series

Summer is a busy and fun time for everyone in Denver. Art festivals, barbecues, trips to the mountains, and so much more are on everyone’s minds. We all love spending time outside and finding new things to do around…