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Lush Cosmetics Holiday Collection!

Every winter it is expected that our favorite cosmetic brands put out new products to sell during the holidays. These companies know that they are going to see a lot of these items since holiday products are heavily sought…

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Popular Candle Scents

      Winter is the time of year when my favorite candle scents come out. I just love when the more nature like scents are filling my house with their aroma. No, the more earthy scents aren’t for…


Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas!

    We are rapidly approaching one of the biggest holidays of the year! As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer, those of us who are hosting the big holiday for our friends and families start to panic and stress…


Denver Fashion Weekend Review!

  This past weekend we attended Day 2 of 303 Denver Fashion Weekend! We had so much fun watching all of the styles that walked down the runway! Everything from high fashion to every day wearable items were featured.…


Cozy Sleepwear!

Sleepwear is important this time of year in Colorado. It’s that time when temperatures drop and staying inside is what we do. After a long day of being at work or school, relaxing is something that is on all…