Lush Cosmetics Holiday Collection!

    Every winter it is expected that our favorite cosmetic brands put out new products to sell during the holidays. These companies know that they are going to see a lot of these items since holiday products are heavily sought after. One of these companies that will for sure sell out of their holiday items is Lush Cosmetics! If you’ve never heard of Lush Cosmetics, check out our previous post about the brand HERE! Personally, I love the company and their products. They have great year round scents, my favorite is Karma, and wonderful seasonal options all the time.

    For the holiday collection this year Lush decided to do something a little different. If you’ve ever been into one of the stores, you will know that they use minimal packaging. To expand on this concept, this year they decided to try out packaging free shower gels. Basically, it is the scent of the shower gels that they have in bar soap form. Eliminating the typically used plastic bottles allows for less waste in our environment, and Lush is all about making the world a better place to live. Which is also a reason why I love the company!

    In addition to the new and improved shower gels, new scents are on the shelves for you to enjoy! Snow Fairy is one that seems to be the most popular holiday scent. Of all of the holiday products, Snow Fairy had the most variety of items to choose from. I saw shower gels, lotion, bath bombs, and gift sets. Really any of the products that Lush has to offer, you could find this scent! It is great if you love sweet scents!

    Something that I always love looking at when I walk into Lush is all of the colorful, wonderfully scented bath bombs. Their bath bombs are one of their most popular products, so they come out with many different scents when they release seasonal products. In the pictures below, some of the seasonal bath bombs are present. They have Santa inspired ones, present inspired ones, and bath bombs that remind you of the holidays!

    Some of the other products that Lush has in stores and online right now are candy mountain bubble bars, snowman bubbleroons (bath soaks), and so much more!

    If you are someone who loves bath products, Lush Cosmetics should definitely be one of the stores you head to. Not only do they have great products for yourself, but you can get your shopping done for everyone that you plan on giving a gift to. It really is a one stop shop!

    Also, coming up the day after Christmas, Lush is having their annual sale. Once a year they do buy one get one deals, as well as 50% off some of the seasonal items. Act fast though, because products will be gone quickly!

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