Fashion Week Is Here!

Are you someone who looks forward to the New York, Paris, London, and Milan fashion weeks every season? If you are, you’ll be happy to know that they start now! Over the next month, in the biggest fashion cities in the world, designers will be debuting new fashion for the upcoming spring/summer 2018 season. If you want to be ahead of the fashion game, now is the time to look and see what is in store for us over the next few months of fashion!

New York Fashion Week

NYFW is started yesterday, September 7th and runs through September 13th. There is so much going on, so if you want to  check out the shows live, or see photos, make sure to head over to the website to see all things New York Fashion Week!

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The shows:

London Fashion Week

After New York, fashion week is headed abroad! London Fashion Week is set to happen September 15-19. It will be a fun and busy five days of fashion never seen before! Plus, if you miss NYFW, or are looking for an array of different fashion designs and designers, checking out London Fashion Week is a must!


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Milan Fashion Week

When fashion week wraps up in London it will be headed south next! Milan is Italy’s biggest fashion city and that is where we will get to experience fashion week next! From September 20th-26th we will get to experience Italy on the fashion level. With new designers and styles from the previous two stops, Milan Fashion Week is one you won’t want to miss !

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Paris Fashion Week

Wrapping up a month full of fashion is Paris Fashion Week. From September 26th to October 3rd, Paris will be showcasing the last of the upcoming fashion! If Paris is your thing, don’t miss this final fashion week!

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