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Winter is the time of year when my favorite candle scents come out. I just love when the more nature like scents are filling my house with their aroma. No, the more earthy scents aren’t for everyone, but there are tons of popular scents that are out right now that will make your home feel like it’s winter!

I recently went to two stores, Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle, to see what new and returning scents are out right now. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my favorites on the shelves, as well as some new ones that I am super excited for (and may have purchased).

Bath & Body Works

I’ll start off with Bath and Body Works. I may be a little biased with my opinion because I have worked at Bath & Body Works. Personally, I love their candles! Their three wick candles are long-lasting and very aromatic. Plus, they have tons and tons of scents to choose from all year-long!

I went into a Bath & Body Works store to see this winter’s scent selection. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did in fact bring back some of my favorite scents. They also had so many new scents that I had to smell them all! Some of the popular scents that they have brought back this year are Winter, Winter Candy Apple, Fresh Balsam, and Marshmallow Fireside. Some new scents that I loved were Winter Sage, and Cinnamon and Clove Buds. I tend to gravitate more towards the pine and spice scents, but if you prefer the smell of baked goods, they have tons of options for those as well!

Also, a little Bath & Body Works birdie told me that this Saturday, December 2nd, it is candle day! All three wick candles will be around $8, so go in and stock up because that is a steal!

Candle Scents Left to Right: Patchouli: Patchouli & Cedar Wood Essential Oil Winter Sage: Clary Sage & Juniper Essential Oil Marshmallow Fireside: Toasted Vanilla & Cedarwood Essential Oil

Candle Scents Left to Right:
Marshmallow Fireside: Toasted Vanilla & Cedarwood Essential Oil
Snowflakes & Citrus: Mandarin & Lemon Essential Oils, Mango
Cinnamon & Clove Buds: Cinnamon Leaf & Clove Leaf Essential Oils

Candle Scents Left to Right: Flannel: Orange Peel, Patchouli Essential Oil & Soft Musk Fresh Balsam: Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Winter: Orange & Fir Needles Essential Oils, Clove

Candles From Left to Right: Winter Candy Apple: Candied Apples, Crisp Pears, Oranges Campfire Donut: Powdered Sugar, Glazed Donut

Of course, there are so many more candles in store, so if you want some wonderful, winter scents, now is the time to go get them!

Yankee Candle

Since I was already out exploring new candle scents, I decided to take a trip over to Yankee Candle as well. I was never really into Yankee Candle candles, if I’m being honest, until recently. They are a little more pricey, and there aren’t as many locations around as Bath & Body Works. I have to say though, they aren’t bad candles, and I’ve added quite a few to my growing candle collection recently. They also have frequent sales going on that make the prices of their candles about the same as their top competitor.

When I was in Yankee Candle I did notice that there are a lot of similar holiday scents that Bath & Body Works had. They ave your pine and evergreen scents, the holiday spice scents, and baked treat scents. Yankee Candle did have a lot more non-holiday scents that are a part of their year round collection, so if the stuff these stores put out for the holidays isn’t your thing, then they do have a wide selection to choose from. Yankee Candle also has different sizes of their candles, ranging from small to large. The small candles will get you about 25-40 hours of burn time (which is about the length of the burn time for Bath & Body Works three wick candle), and the large candles will get you about 110-150 hours of burn time! For the money, I would definitely say it is worth it!

Yankee Candle also has an amazing gift idea for your family, friends, and even yourself with their personalized photo candles! Upload a picture, in store or online, and Yankee Candle will print it out on a sticker and personalize your favorite scent! Candles are always and easy and well liked gift, so if you are out of ideas check out their website!

Candle Scents from Left to Right: Spicy Pepperberry & Spruce: Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Winterberry Aromatic Orange & Evergreen: Orange, Evergreen, Cinnamon

Candle Scents from Left to Right: Balsam & Clove: Clove, Balsam, Cinnamon, Pine Cascading Snowberry: Winter Snowberry & Evergreen

Candle Scents from Left to Right: Berry Trifle: Tangy & Sharp Fresh Berries Mistletoe: Mistletoe, Berries, Pine, Holly

Candle Scents from Left to Right: Balsam & Cedar: Balsam, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry North Pole: Icy Cool Mint, Sugary Rich Vanilla Cream

Candle Scents from Left to Right: All Is Bright: Citrus & Warm Musk Red Apple Wreath: Sweet Apples, Cinnamon, Walnut, Maple

These are only a few of the holiday scents that Yankee Candle has in store right now! I suggest you head on over to your nearest Yankee Candle and start collecting those holiday scents!

Now, these are just a couple of locations to get your holiday candles at! Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and so many other retailers have wonderful scent options as well! If holiday scents are your thing though, I would go in and stock up on these amazing scents!


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